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I tend to feel pretentious writing about myself in the third person. Therefore, this is an introduction from myself, as myself. Let’s jump in; I’ve been completely obsessed with real estate since I can remember. Yes, I know, this is reminiscent of all the other generic introductions about the love for the industry, but my passion is clear. I’m a commercial real estate entrepreneur with 20 years of in the trenches experience ranging from real estate brokerage to putting multi million-dollar commercial real estate partnerships together. I’ve been through multiple real estate cycles and have experienced the ups and downs of bull and bear real estate markets. I’m a value add guy who enjoys the challenge of buying a piece of property well below intrinsic value and rolling my sleeves up to create value. I have substantial experience in sourcing deals, negotiating and executing transactions and structuring the capital stack (debt and equity). Since my start in the mid 90’s, I’ve transacted hundreds of deals. I’m most proud my deal making abilities with my own $85,000,000 portfolio of commercial real estate generating above market returns on equity for my investors (29% average appreciation. To date as manager of 30+ partnerships I’ve never jeopardized nor lost $1 of my investors capital. In 2002 I earned the revered Certified Commercial Investment Member designation “CCIM” affording me a global network of like minded best of the best CRE professionals. I live with my family in Wisconsin where I grew up with my wife of almost 20 years and 2 teenage kids.
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I am currently positioned to take advantage of commercial real estate opportunities that will offer immediate cash flow and provide an above average return on equity.


Clearly understanding what is best for our valued clients, we are dedicated to providing superior asset management through proven knowledge, expertise, and integrity.


I have chosen to run away from the methods that most so called “GURU’s” are using and teaching and offer a more interactive coaching platform.

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