My knowledge is your property…

Since the mid 90’s, I’ve been advising people.  I’ve leveraged 20+ years of experience and serve as a advisor, consultant and coach to other entrepreneurs.  Whether it’s a commercial real estate owner, high net worth investor or aspiring commercial real estate entrepreneur, I loves the look in someone’s eye when I show them what’s possible – taking people from where they are now to where they want to go.


In no particular order, I provide 3 critical advisory services (or any combination):

Real Estate Brokerage.  Because I have brokered real estate and also am a owner, I have a unique perspective on what it takes to transact real estate.  I know what its like to buy manage and sell commercial real estate.  Relying on a middle person with that mentality is a distinct advantage to a real estate owner.  On select basis, I act as a agent for commercial real estate owners.  Click Here if you want to discuss your portfolio and what role I could play in it.

MentorshipWhether it’s my employees or investors just starting out I truly enjoy mentoring people.  I love giving back to this industry that’s afforded me so much.  No matter where you are in life, it is never too late to invest in real estate.

Real estate investing is not some get rich quick scheme – rather a get wealthy slowly proposition.  On a very select basis, I mentor people who want to become best in class real estate investors. I don’t sell any DVD’s nor will I invite you to some boot camp in Vegas.  Rather I offer a customized curriculum to become the best real estate investor you can me.  Click Here if you would like to do that or chat on the phone and explore further.

Asset Management. I enjoy buying a property that I can roll my sleeves up and make better.  I put the financials and human capital in place to execute on a business plan.  And when there is nothing but risk on the horizon unlock the equity and sell the property and return capital back to the stakeholders.  You will never accuse me of not taking profit – I’ve done it over 30 times!

Many people are confused with the difference between property management and asset management.  Many times I don’t even manage my own properties – rather  I hire other people to collect the rents and deal with the phone calls from tenants and repair issues at my properties.  Asset management is much more than managing the property day to day.  In short it’s managing the asset to maximize the ROI to stakeholders.  That many entail finding and keeping tabs on the property manager, or making sure the leasing broker is marketing the property and leasing my vacant space.  Finally, those decisions entail identifying the right time to re-finance the property or sell it.

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