Featured Property

Whitewater Plaza is a 26,000 s.f. former grocery store that was transformed into a multi tenants shopping center I bought with partners in 2005.



It had bought from an investor that was in trouble and neglected it.  I put an investment group together that contributed $130,000.  It was 30% vacant, so after leasing the vacancy and stabilizing the property, I refinanced the property and returned my equity investors all of their money plus $40,000.  So a year later my investors received all their money back plus their pro rata share of $25,000 plus we were cash flowing $5,000 per month that investors got their pro rata share of.  What a deal!

Today we are cash flowing this property as its 95% occupied.  In 2017 we will need to either re-finance the 10 year Note or may look to sell the property.  Current equity in the property sits at about $500,000.

This is just another example of buying commercial real estate below intrinsic value and executing on a business plan to increase the value and return capital back to investors as fast as possible.

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