Results-Based Training

Since 1999, I’ve developed many of my own employees into successful real estate executives who have branched off and started their own businesses – getting their own part of the American Dream.  I look at that as a sign of successful mentorship and are my partners to this day in various business ventures.

If you new to investment and commercial real estate, getting your 1st deal done no matter how big or how small it is is crucial as SUCCESS BREEDS SUCCESS.

Additionally, I coach and mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs from all across America.  Often times people that come to me with little or no experience or money.  If that’s you, you may be interested in checking out  Spending as little as a hour a day, I can teach you how to get your first investment/commercial real estate done.

Many of my most successful students are commercial real estate practitioners.  They’re brokers or managers and have a existing fee based business.  I teach them how to create a wealth building business that runs parallel to their fee based business – one feeds the other.

In some cases business owners approach me and tell me they no longer want to pay rent any longer and I advise them how to buy their 1st office building using little of their own money, efficient debt and have tenants pay the expenses and mortgage.  What a powerful concept – band some people together to pay your operating expenses and your debt down so at the end of the day you own a building free and clear!

If you’re an established investor and are looking to run further and harder I encourage you to go to

Looking for 1 on 1 coaching I offer programs to get you where you need to go at

Unfortunately, there has been a flood of so called GURU’S in real estate investing who are no more than really good marketers that treat your credit card like a ATM machine.  They are “experts” at selling you the latest underground “ninja” tactic to make money in real estate investing. Successful real estate investing principals have not changed.  It is work – take it from me though, it was worth it.

I offer a different perspective.  Sure every once in a while, I offer/endorse products for sale (that I believe could help) but in general I have a different philosophy.  I have chosen to run away from the methods that most so called GURU’s are using and offer a more interactive coaching/mentor platform.  One that thrives on personal interaction – with me and my staff.

This platform is designed to empower you with the focus, training and accountability you need to achieve the results YOU set out.

I start out with getting really clear on what you want.  You want to get your first deal done in 90 days – I specialize in that.  If you want to amass a $100 million dollar portfolio in 8 years like I did – ok I can work with that.  If you want to buy a office building for your business using mostly other peoples money and having other tenants pay your expenses and mortgage – we’re good to go and we’ll get than done.

Next, we’ll then talk about milestones we can set as checkpoints to get you from Point A to point B.  You and I will be accountable to each other all along the way.

My coaching system is not Theory.  It’s proven to work for me and others.

I have 2 coaching platforms.  One is for the part time or beginning investor who wants to start to build their empire and that can be found at  In as little as a hour a day, I can remove fear of the unknown and coach you how to start a successful real estate investing career to supplement your “day job” .  It’s how I started – with 1 duplex and 1 four family I acquired in my spare time.

My flagship coaching program is called Portfolio Growth System (   That program is catered to the more experienced real estate investor.  My goal there is to take the skills and experience that you have and make you that much better.  Whether you are a commercial real estate broker looking to do your fist deal, or a residential investor that is looking for your first commercial deal, I again offer a more curriculum based coaching program that provides more personalized coaching because everyones situation is different and need more help in different areas.

What you need is the drive, the vision and the knowledge of how to package and market yourself  so opportunities come to you, you understand how to structure deals and how to manage these assets profitability.

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