Ninety Percent Of All Millionares Become So Through Owning Real Estate. More Money Has Been Made In Real Estate That In All Industrial Investments Combinaed.  
The Wise Man Or Wage Earner Today Invests His Money In Real Estate." - Andrew Carnegie
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What My Marketing Firm Does For Clients Using 4 Pillars
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  •  Website That's Focused On Solving Clients Problems
  •  Social Media Pages That Build Goodwill
  •  A Landing Page That Captures Prospects Info
Attract & Engage With Prospects
  •  Online & Offline Lead Generation Methods
  •  Compelling Offers For Prospects to Join List
  •  Delivery of Promise of Lead Magnet i.e. Bribe
Nurture Ideal Prospects
  •  Get Our Prospects to Know, Like & Trust Us
  •  Fully Engage "Now" Prospects in Messages
  •  Long Term Nurture Other Prospects
Convert Opportunities
  •  Get Prospects To Complete Desired Call To Action
  •  Provide Irresistible Intrigue... Why Now
  • Convert Prospects Using the Collaborative Close Method
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"His experience and Knowledge is invaluable"

Our Fund Inspired Capital Partners hired Dan and his team to re-vamp our Pitch Book and add a Credibility Kit component to it. Dan explained to us what high net worth investors are looking for in real estate investments and we adjusted things accordingly. I am very happy with the end product Dan and his team cranked out for us. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dan to anyone. His experience and knowledge is in invaluable.
--Kylie Hatch

"[His] knowledge of how to get deals done is bar none"

Dan Genzel is a an leading industry expert when it comes to Investment and Commercial Real Estate. His track record of deals completed and knowledge of how to get deals done is bar none. His coaching and mentoring programs have not only been a benefit to me personally but also to all those I have referred to him. I highly recommend Dan if you need a mentor/advisor in the commercial real estate space!
--Kurt Nederveld

"[He's] someone who has the experience and walks the walk"

I invited Dan to one of the real estate classes I teach in the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University to discuss a real world perspective, explain the available professional career options, and what it takes to succeed in the real estate industry. Dan was able to use the depth of his experience and his understanding of the industry to explain the anatomy of the real estate transaction in a simple, clear, and concise manner. I recommend Dan for anyone who is interested in learning about the real estate investing business. Dan is someone who has the experience and walks the walk.
--Michael Bronska

"[He] drills right down to the step at a time"

I am a successful Realtor and I wanted to learn more about investing in real estate. I started working with Dan last year to build wealth and generate cash flow in addition to my fee based business. Dan drills right down to the point a taught me one step at a time how to find investors, find deals, structure deals and most importantly close deals. I would not think twice about investing in and having Dan as a mentor/coach.
--Alan Davis
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