Current Real Estate Investment: Whitewater Plaza

In this video... I interview a advisory client who was a lender but desired to create a fund that would invest directly into real estate investments but also provide equity as another vertical in his lending business.  He quickly learned that it's all about marketing!  We put togetehr his pitch-book and all related marketing so he could head out on his "road show".

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What if I told you what is in this 20 minute presentation is responsible for a high 8-figure commercial real estate portfolio?

  • Understand the commercial real estate investing strategies
  •  Discover the best ways to find deals -probably right in your back yard
  •  Learn how to evaluate properties and structure risk-free offers
  •  Get the process to do a close the deal
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My First Commercial Real Estate Syndication That Started An Empire 

In this video...II walk through my first real estate syndication. This is a case study in the fact that to be successful raise capital first and understand what "it" needs and go find it and out the deal together, add value and sell the property.

 Want to Learn if commercial real estate is right for you?

Most Profitable Real Estate Deal

Brown Deer Commons is a 33,000 s.f. multi-tenant office building that was bought vacant and transformed from a behavioral mental health hospital into a 100% occupied office building

  • Leased the Vacancy
  • Refinanced the Property and Returned Equity Back to Investors
  • Significant Current Equity $500,000
My First Office Building
High Ridge Office Center was the first office the principals of Brick and Mortar Media ever had.  They walked into a cash flowing asset and raised passive equity to help finance the purchase of the building
  • Existing Cash Flow Day 1:
  • Effective Rent of Almost $0 - Existing Tenants Paid Expenses
  • Significant Back End Profits

My Typical Group Investment Deal

This video is a walk through of how I typically structure my real estate syndications. I walk through the strategy, how to find the deal and structure it, fund the debt and equity and then close the transaction

  • Bought property below intrinsic value
  • Actually managed the property and leased the vacancy
  • Sold Netting Significant Profits
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